5 YouTubers for Interior Design inspo

5 YouTubers for Interior Design inspo

Hey there, if you've ever hung out at my place, you know there's always some YouTube action going on. A cool Japan vlog, a tour of a funky house from who-knows-where, car stuff or just a good mix of Lofi beats with a loop of Snoopy or Homer Simpson smoking a "cigar". But I also occasionally enjoy watching interior design videos. So if you're also into cool spaces, here are five awesome YouTube creators/channels you can follow for a little bit of inspo.

Paige Wassel

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@wasselpa/

First on the list: Paige Wassel. Paige makes weekly videos ranging from thrifting furniture, DIY projects, to doing home tours of her friend's living spaces. I like her channel because she seems to be giving her honest opinion about what she thinks of certain design trends, what not to do (in her opinion), cool thrift store finds and more — she also does home roasts once in a while where viewers send in photos of their spaces and she talks a little crap then gives them tips. Cool creator, give her a follow.

Never Too Small

Channel: Never Too Small

This is one of my favorite YouTube channels. Never Too Small focuses on small spaces that have been redesigned to get the most out of a small space. We're talking 500-600 square foot homes. A lot of these homes are overseas and designed by some super creative architects. They are incredible and likely the motivation behind my liking and posting so many small houses on my social.

It will make you consider selling your house along with all your stuff to buy a small condo in some antique building. Good luck convincing your spouse... let me know if you pull it off. 😄 They also have a coffee table book which I purchased last year - one for my brother who is into architecture and small homes, and one for my house.

Benji Plant

Channel: Benjiplant

My daughter Alexis introduced me to this channel. Benji lives in an old quirky house and does a great job covering not only plants, plant care, and interior design, but also his outdoor/garden projects. Always inspired after watching his videos.

Nick Lewis

Channel: Nick Lewis

I am fairly new to watching Nick Lewis' videos but so far I've looked to his channel to help me figure out how to do basic stuff such as what direction to face my couch, what trends are on their way out, common interior design mistakes, etc. Super helpful, check him out.

Eric Wang

Channel: Eric Wang

Eric Wang's videos show the transformation of his San Fransisco apartment - not sure what this style is called but it's definitely trending in my feed. Lots of lamps, lofty vibes, and lots of plants. I like Eric's videos because for one they are shot really well but also because his living room looks like a wonderful place to take a nap - lately, that is on the top of my list when decorating my own home... it has to be cozy first and all the other stuff is secondary.

Those are some of my go-to's lately! I hope this list gets your YouTube algorithm on track to find other good interior design creators! Hope you are having a good day and thank you for stopping by. - Alex